Apple Pencil Vs Surface Pen Stylus Response Time Comparison [Video]

Now that the iPad Pro is in the hands of normal people, we are starting to see reports of what the tablet is like to use in real-world use cases, with real people using the device and its accessories. We have already been treated to benchmarks showing that the iPad Pro is a faster machine than at least the lower-end Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft, and given that tablet’s inclusion of Surface Pen stylus just like the Apple Pencil, there are obvious comparisons to be made. Which is the best at tracking input, for example?

In order to try and put that to the test, a YouTube video has surfaced, which takes an iPad Pro and a Surface Pro 4 as well as their respective styluses and then films them both being used at 12ofps. Apart from being a surprisingly mesmerizing video to watch, it also attempts to help us decide whether or not there is any truth to Apple’s claims of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combination creating the best stylus input package around.

Essentially, however, we feel that the lag created by stylus input on a tablet is something that you can only truly appreciate when using the thing rather than trying to record it, no matter how many frames per second you use to do it. If you are considering an iPad Pro in main because of the Apple Pencil and it’s supposed superiority over the competition, our recommendation would be to test the pair out for yourself. It’s the only way to be sure.

Source: Apple Pencil Vs Surface Pen Stylus Response Time Comparison [Video] | Redmond Pie

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